FEEDBACK zu unserem Haustausch Nr. 6 in WIJHE, NIEDERLANDE

Das war das Feedback von Eva und ihrer Familie:

„We had a great time in Berlin. A very nice, child friendly and luxury house and neighbourhood. Perfect combination: lakes, harbour and nature nearby and the big city (centrum Berlin) a bus ride away. We did a lot of jogging in the early morning and it was pleasure doing that. Also you have very friendly neighbours, they even leant us there bicycle with a babysit. The home exchange went smoothly and was perfect.“


Und das war unser Feedback:

„We had a good and relaxing time at the house of Eva and Sander and their four children in Herxen, close to Wijhe. The house is spacious and located in a rather rural area (apart from the train frequently passing by in rather close distance :-)) yet close to the cities of Deventer and Zwolle, historic Hanse cities. We especially liked to ride the bikes along the river IJssel – you could go for hours… Furthermore we went on day or overnight trips to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the North Sea. A good place for a family holiday!“



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